Impaired Driver

If you are throwing up while driving, due to being drunk, we urge you to pull over and not drive anymore. In the late evening hours of December 2nd, an officer on patrol observed some very erratic driving along Hwy. #18. The officer stopped the vehicle and attended the driver side window to speak with the driver. The driver’s breath smelled of alcohol. The investigating officer noted vomit running down the front door (inside and outside). The driver claimed it wasn’t his. He admitted to having a “couple” of drinks at his work Christmas party, and was on the way to pick up his wife before heading home. The officer noted numerous other signs of impairment and arrested the driver. He was brought back to the police station where he provided breath samples. The readings were almost twice the legal limit. The driver was charged with Impaired Operation of motor vehicle and Over 80 mgs BAC. He received an immediate Administrative Licence Suspension of 90 days. If convicted of the charges, he will face further penalties, including additional suspensions.

Please remember, drunk driving can have serious impacts on the lives of those involved and can leave lasting effects on your insurance premiums. While there is no set standard, your auto insurance policy can be affected by a number of unwanted complications. Take note, if you operate your vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you allow an intoxicated person to operate your vehicle, your insurance company will not cover any damages and reserves the right to void your policy.

In Ontario, punishment for impaired driving can be quite extensive and expensive.

· First offense – you will be given a minimum fine of $1,000 with a 1-year license suspension 

· Second offense – you will be sentenced to jail for a minimum of 30 days and your license will be suspended for a minimum of 3 years 

· Third offense – you will be sentenced to a minimum of 120 days in jail and will be given a lifetime driving suspension if the previous offenses fall within a 10 year period, with possibility for a reduction to a 10-year suspension 

· Four or more offenses – if offenses are within a 10 year period you will be given a lifetime suspension with no possibility of licence reinstatement 

Save yourself some hassles and hire a cab, get Uber or ask a sober friend or relative to come pick you up.


To end on a positive note; during the evening hours of Thursday, November 29th and into the early morning hours of Friday November 30th, Officers of the LaSalle Police Service conducted R.I.D.E. spot-checks at several locations throughout the Town of LaSalle and of the 200 (plus) drivers stopped nobody was in violation of impaired driving.o en