21-Year-Old Female, Windsor Resident, Charged With Multiple Criminal and Provincial Offences Following a Traffic Stop

Report #22-334

The Lasalle Police Service has charged a 21-Year-old female, Windsor resident with multiple Criminal and Provincial Offences following a traffic stop in LaSalle early Monday morning.

At 12:45 am, a LaSalle Police Officer stopped a 2014 Hyundai after observing the vehicle with no lights on and the female driver talking on her cell phone while driving on Malden Road. A traffic stop was conducted in a parking lot near the intersection of Malden Road and Normandy Street and a second police unit joined to assist. The driver suddenly reversed at a high rate of speed into the police cruiser causing approximately $7,000.00 to the cruiser. The officers quickly exited their vehicles, spoke with the driver and determined that her ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by alcohol.

The driver was placed under arrest for impaired driving but refused to exit her vehicle. A brief struggle ensued which resulted in her yelling profanities and kicking the officers multiple times. The female was brought to the LaSalle Police Service where she continued to be belligerent, combative and threatened to kill the officers. Thankfully the officers were not injured as a result of the collision or assault.

Further tests conducted at the LaSalle Police Service determined that her blood alcohol level was approximately twice the legal limit.

During the investigation into this occurrence, the officers also learned that she was involved in a theft of alcohol from the LCBO that occurred earlier in the evening. She was arrested and charged with this offence as well. The open bottle of liquor was found in the centre console of her vehicle.

As a result, the female is currently charged with the following criminal offences:
1. Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle
2. Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Over 80mgs of Alcohol
3. Obstruct / Resist Peace Officer
4. Utter Threats to Cause Death
5. Theft under $5000.00

She was also issued tickets for the following provincial offences:

1. Drive Handheld Communication Device
2. Drive without Proper Headlights
3. Driving with Open Container of Liquor
4. Fail to Surrender Insurance Card
5. Fail to Surrender Permit for Motor Vehicle

Her driver’s licence is automatically suspended for ninety days and her vehicle impounded for seven days. She will be responsible to cover the towing and storage costs for the vehicle.

Please don’t drink and drive and don’t drive impaired.
MADD Canada – No Alcohol. No Drugs. No Victims.

Photo of damaged LaSalle Police Cruiser  Photo of damaged LaSalle Police Cruiser

Approved By: Sergeant Michael AGOSTINIS