3-Day Licence Suspension

Sept 16
Just after midnight, an officer on general patrol observed a vehicle travelling south bound along Front Road. The vehicle appeared to be swerving and unable to stay in its traffic lane. The officer stopped the vehicle to ascertain the driver’s sobriety. Based on the investigation and the conversation with the driver, the officer asked the driver to provide a breath sample into a roadside screening device, to determine her level of intoxication. The woman refused to provide a sample at first. When the officer explained the consequences and penalties which are the same as if you took the test and blew over the limit. These penalties include: 90 day suspension right of the bat. If convicted in court, loss of driver’s licence for at least one year; fine of $1000 to $2000; and mandatory alcohol and DUI counselling. Once you resume driving, your insurance will be much more expensive, and you will have to pay licence reinstatement fees in excess of $3,000. This does not include lawyer fees, which may range from $5000 to $20,000 if not more. After listening to the consequences, the woman provided a breath sample and registered a reading in the ‘warn range’. She was given a 3 day licence suspension, and her licence was returned to the Ministry of Transportation. We urge everyone to make prior arrangements if you plan a night of social drinking. The cost of taxi ride or owing a friend or designated driver a favour in the form of lunch or dinner will be significantly less, then the cost of licence suspensions or worse.