4 Teens Fall Through Pond Ice at Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex

On Sunday, January 24th, just after 2:00 PM, four teens attended the pond at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex to get a little exercise and play some hockey. Shortly after getting out onto the ice, the ice broke and all four teens fell into the water. They were all able to quickly escape the frigid water, however one had submerged under the water for a moment. A parent of one of the teens was on scene at the pond to supervise and quickly called 911 when they observed the four fall through the ice. The teens all made it to safety and Paramedics assessed the teens for any injuries and hypothermia. One teen who had been submerged was transported to hospital for further assessment. Parents were contacted to attend the pond to pick up the other three teens.
The LaSalle Police is recommending that everyone stay off unsafe frozen bodies of water.
The pond at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex is now closed for all activities at this time. While it has been cold recently, it has not been cold enough or for long enough to trust that any ice is safe over any body of water for any activity. The ice is still thin, especially over bodies of water with a current. Going out onto unsafe ice not only puts you at risk but it also puts the lives of any potential rescuers or first responders at risk as well. Certainly NEVER venture out onto the ice alone and always tell someone where you are going before heading out.