Photo of front of LaSalle Police Service HQ
LaSalle Police Service Administrative Team 2022
Photo of LaSalle Police Service Ford Explorer
Photo of LaSalle Police Classic Car and Ford F-150
LaSalle Police Boat on the Water
LaSalle Police UTV
Two LaSalle Police Forensic officers examining camera
Two LaSalle Police officers in front of classic police car
Young person saluting police chief
Christmas light version of police car
Constable Seguin and Constable Racine at Children's Safety Village
Officer at Starbucks LaSalle for Coffee with a Cop

Car Break In Information

Lock It

or Lose It

Top 10 things people look for when breaking into a car:

  1. Vehicle left running
  2. Unlocked doors or trunk
  3. Bags of any sort (esspecially shopping bags around Christmas)
  4. Visible Electronics
  5. Phone Charges showing
  6. Loose Change in view
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Tools
  9. Watch or other jewellery
  10. Easy access to the trunk from the vehicle cab
LaSalle Police Logo
Picture of a key and lock