Adult Male Charged with Impaired Operation After Collision with Trailer

On Monday, February 21st, 2021, just after midnight, an officer patrolling the area of Laurier Drive observed a silver Pontiac sedan with extensive front-end damage stopped in the middle of Gilbert Avenue with several persons standing around it. Investigation into the situation revealed that the vehicle was just involved in a collision and had struck a utility trailer that was parked on the side of the road. As a result of the collision, the trailer was moved approximately 30 meters from where it was originally parked. The driver and passenger of the vehicle were identified and the driver was found to be impaired by alcohol. The driver, a 27 year old adult male from LaSalle, was arrested and transported to the hospital by ambulance, accompanied by an officer. The driver did not suffer any life-threatening injuries and remained uncooperative throughout the investigation and medical examination. Thankfully the passenger did not suffer any life-threatening injuries and declined any further medical attention.

The driver was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and later released with a court date.

Police are waiting for the analysis of a sample that was legally demanded to be taken at the hospital to determine his blood alcohol concentration. If the analysis reveals that his blood alcohol concentration was above the legal limit, he will also be charged with the offence of operating a motor vehicle with 80 milligrams or more of alcohol.

His drivers licence was immediately suspended for 90 days and his vehicle was towed and impounded for seven days. He will be responsible to pay all costs associated with reinstating his drivers licence, as well as the towing and impoundment.

If convicted he will have:
1) A criminal record,
2) For a first offence, a fine of not less than $1500.00. Depending on the circumstances a term of imprisonment may be imposed.
3) For a first offence, a prohibition from operating a motor vehicle for not less than one year and not more than three years.

Please don’t drink and drive and never get into a vehicle with an impaired driver.
If you believe someone is driving impaired or is about to drive impaired please contact the police immediately.