All Terrain Vehicle Information

Do not operate a ATV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drugs reduce your reaction time and judgment, two essential skills required when operating an ATV.

With the nice weather approaching an increase in the use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) is on the rise. All though they are very fun to ride, they are also very dangerous. It is important that everyone who rides off-road vehicles takes the necessary safety precautions to minimize the risk of injury or death.

The following should be taken into consideration when either purchasing or riding an ATV:

Proper equipment should be worn at all times. Cloths such as long pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, gloves, eye protection and of course helmets will drastically decrease your chance of injury or even fatality. Approximately 60% of fatalities in Canada were due to head injuries. When choosing a helmet ensure that it carries either the (DOT) or Snell labels.

Stay off paved roads and avoid unfamiliar terrain. ATVs can easily roll or tip over and they can be difficult to control on paved roads. Because they way that they are built paved roads can effect the handling and control of your ATV.

When purchasing an ATV for your child you must match the size of the child to the ATV. An ATV that is to large or to powerful for your child can increase the risk of lnjury. Manufactures strongly suggest that riders under the age of 16 should not operate ATVs over 90cc. Always check with an ATV dealer to ensure that the ATV is the right size for your child.

Do not allow your child to ride an adult ATV. Children are involved in approximately one-third of ATV related deaths and emergency room injuries. Most of theses deaths occur when a child is riding or is a passenger on an adult ATV.

Maintain your ATV. Just like your car the maintenance of your ATV is crucial. Proper maintenance can save you from being stranded and from costly repairs. Simple things like the incorrect tire pressure may cause your ATV to steer or handle improperly. An under-inflated tire can cause wheel damage while over-inflation may cause damage to the tire. Ensure that you refer to your owners manual for proper maintenance and always have a tool kit with you for those small repairs.

A lot of ATV owners are under the impression that the same rules that apply for your car do not apply to your ATV. The Off-Road Vehicles Act clearly states that your ATV (with exceptions) must be plated, insured and registered with the Ministry of Transportation. Failure to comply with the act can result in costly and unnecessary fines.

No owner of an off-road vehicle shall permit a child under the age of 12 to drive the vehicle unless the child is driving the vehicle on land owned by the vehicle owner or under the close supervision of an adult.

Unfortunately the Town of LaSalle does not have any designated areas for riding ATVs. LaSalle Police respond to numerous complaints each year regarding the use of ATVs on private property such as farmers fields and the Essex Terminal Railway tracks. Each year there is extensive damage caused to the farmers crops as a result of ATV riders. The only way you can ride on private property or anywhere within the Town of LaSalle is with written permission from the property owner.

For further information on the Off-Road Vehicles Act or if you have any other ATV related questions contact the Ministry of Transportation or your local Police Service.