Animal Complaint

On June 25, 2019, a citizen attended the LaSalle Police Station to report a coyote attack on his dog which took place two days prior. The reporting male lives in the 1500 block of Bouffard and advised officers that around 9:30 am the morning of the 23rd. He stated that he was in his kitchen when he heard his dog, and shih tzu/poodle, yelping outside. Upon exiting to the rear yard he observed a coyote leaving the property. The male observed a significant wound to his dogs head and jaw area and rushed the dog to the vet. The dog required emergency surgery and suffered a loss of an eye. After returning home at around 11:00 pm he checked his property for the coyote and spotted it at the end of his driveway, where it stood for about 5 mins before leaving the area. Due to the time of the evening he was not able to get a clear picture. As a result of recent coyote encounters representatives from the LaSalle Police Service and the Town of LaSalle met with representatives with the Ministry of Natural Resources to determine what courses of action or possible solutions are available to property owners and the Town itself.