Animal Complaint

On April 30, 2019, officers attended a residence in 100 block in International for an animal complaint after a person was confronted by a neighbours dog in his back yard. The dog had gained access to his yard via an adjoining gate which was open. The dog owner did not realize that the gate was open. The officers did have a slight concern as to the breed of the dog as it does have the look of a Pitbull and asked the owner if they have a DNA test. The owner advised they had purchased the dog as a family pet 4 years ago and does not believe they received DNA testing which they would. The owner asked if they could have an extended period to do so as they work late hours. The officer felt this was a reasonable request, checked with the LaSalle By-Law officer who was in agreement. Pit Bulls are banned in Ontario and it is the burden of proof lies upon to the owner that a dog resembling a pit bull is in fact not. Here is the legislation in the matter: