April 13th, 2020 to April 19th, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday April 13th to Sunday April 19th, were kept busy responding to 382 occurrences and calls for service. Some of the many calls and occurrences include:

15 – Emergency 911 Calls
4 – Alarms
7 – Animal Complaints
2 – Assist Other Police Service
3 – Break and Enters
6 – By-Law Complaints
16 – COVID-19 related calls
1 – Domestic Dispute
6 – Driving & Traffic Complaints
1 – Family Dispute
2 – Frauds
5 – Harassment Complaint
1 – Impaired Driving Complaint
2 – Mischiefs
1 – Motor Vehicle Collision
2 – Persons to be Removed
134 – Property Checks
9 – Suspicious Activity
6 – Thefts
43 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
1 – Warrant Executed
2 – Wellness Checks

April 13
Traffic Stop
On April 13th an officer conducted a vehicle stop on Front Road. The male driver was a suspended driver for unpaid fines as well as for excess points. The driver failed to produce a valid permit for the vehicle (expired) or a valid insurance card. The driver was served with a two Part III Summonses for Driving While under suspension, contrary to section 53(1) of The Highway Traffic Act. The driver was also cautioned for Drive Motor vehicle – no currently validated permit contrary to section 7(1)(a) of the Highway Traffic Act, Fail to surrender insurance card contrary to section 3(1) of the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, and Class G1 licence holder- unaccompanied by qualified driver, contrary to O.Reg 340/94 5(1) of the Highway Traffic Act. The driver’s vehicle was impounded for a period of 7 days.

April 14
Driving Complaint
At approximately 8:10 AM an officer received a complaint from a citizen about a vehicle that travels regularly at a high rate of speed on Victory Street (approximately 80-90km/h). A description of the vehicle and a time frame that this vehicle has been seen was obtained. A directed patrol was created for officers to address this matter.

April 15
Trespass at Night
Just after 1:00 AM, an officer was on general patrol when he noticed a vehicle parked in the driveway of a residence under construction. The officer approached the vehicle to find two individuals sleeping in the back seat. Investigation into the matter revealed that there were no nefarious intentions. The pair did not know the property owner and did not have permission to be there. They were then cautioned and educated on the offense of trespassing at night, the provincial guidelines to social distancing and unnecessary travel due to the pandemic that we are all experiencing at this time.

April 16
Nonessential Work – COVID-19
An officer attended the site of a residence under construction with reference to concerns that work was being completed contrary to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act as it pertains to essential workplaces. The officer met with the site manager and learned that the construction project began on this date, April 16th. The work was deemed nonessential as per Ontario Regulation 82/20 under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act of Ontario. Schedule 2 (Essential Businesses) – Section 30(iii) of this regulation states that “Residential construction projects where the project involves renovations to residential properties and construction work was started before April 4th, 2020”. This particular project was started after April 4th and therefore did NOT meet the requirements of being deemed essential. The site manager was educated on the requirements of the Act / Order and was cooperative. The construction site was closed until such time that new direction is received from the Provincial Government.

April 17

Theft of a Bobcat Excavator Attachments
LaSalle Police Service received a report that two 80 inch steel buckets and one set of 3 foot, steel forks were stolen overnight from a construction site on Elmgate Crescent. The attachments are for a Bobcat excavator that were being used to complete work at the site. The thieves also entered the Bobcat and manipulated some of the controls but were unable to set the machine in motion. The matter is still under investigation. Anyone with any information on this matter is asked to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477.

April 18
Suspicious Person
Around 11:00 PM, Dispatch was contacted by Windsor Police dispatch advising that a male was walking on the side of the roadway on Highway 18 near Morton, and was also stumbling into traffic. Officers located the male on Morton Drive just east of Ramblewood Drive and determined that he was impaired by alcohol. They transported him home for his own safety and delivered him into the care of another adult at the residence. The male was cautioned for being intoxicated in a public place.

April 19
Break & Enters
The LaSalle Police Service responded to a theft of a motor vehicle as well as a number of break and enters in the area of St. Francis and Donlon in LaSalle. In one instance a resident of St. Francis reported that at about 3:00 AM, they heard their garage door open. Upon further inspection they discovered that their garage door was in fact open and their vehicle which was parked in the driveway was open as well. It is believed that the culprit(s) gained access to the garage via the remote garage door opener that was left in the unlocked vehicle.

In a second call for a break in on St. Francis, a rear patio door to a residence under construction was pried open and the culprits gained access inside the residence. Once inside they stole a number of items which included some of the contractors tools.

Officers also received a report of a white cube van that was stolen from a construction site on Donlon the same evening as is believed to have been used in the above break ins. Potential suspects have been identified and the investigations are ongoing.

LaSalle Police further received a report that a bicycle was stolen from a garage on Northway Street as well as another from a garage on Sandlewood Street and a third from the side of a residence on Augustus Court.

LaSalle Police Service would like to remind residents to ensure they are storing their belongings such as bikes and scooters in locked garages and sheds. Please take a couple extra minutes to check the exterior doors, garage doors and vehicle doors before heading to bed. Leaving your vehicle unlocked with your garage door remote inside is basically giving a thief a key to your house. Thefts can occur at any time of day and it takes only seconds to steal your belongings. You have all seen our campaign LOCK IT OR LOSE IT for years so please lock it up.

These matters remain under investigation. Anyone with any information on this matter is asked to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477.

Pedestrian Safety
Many people are taking advantage of some of the nice weather we have been having, to get outside and go for walks or bike rides. We would like to remind everyone that on streets were there are no sidewalks present, the proper side of the road to walk on is facing / toward traffic. The reason for this is that as a pedestrian, you will be able to see oncoming traffic and have the ability to step out of the way if the approaching vehicle does not see you or move over for you. If you have your back to the vehicle, you can’t see it. This is also set out in Section 179 of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.

Duties of pedestrian when walking along highway
179 (1) Where sidewalks are not provided on a highway, a pedestrian walking along the highway shall walk on the left side thereof facing oncoming traffic and, when walking along the roadway, shall walk as close to the left edge thereof as possible.

Conversely, as per the Highway Traffic Act, persons riding a bicycle or any other vehicle are to ride in the same direction of traffic.