April 20th, 2020 to April 26, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday April 20th to Sunday April 26th, were kept busy responding to 403 occurrences and calls for service.  Some of the many calls and occurrences include:
11 –  Emergency 911 Calls
6  –  Alarms
5 – Animal Complaints
2 – Assist Ambulance
1 – Assist Fire Department
2 – Bail Violations
8 –  By-Law Complaints
9 – COVID-19 related calls
2 – Domestic Dispute
8 –  Driving & Traffic Complaints
1 – Fraud
2 –  Harassment Complaint
1 – Impaired Driving Complaint
2 – Mischiefs
3 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
194  – Property Checks
12 – Suspicious Activity
1 – Theft
1 – Theft Vehicle
41 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
1 – Wellness Check

April 21
Suspicious Circumstances
Just after 3 PM officers were detailed to the 3500 block of Seven Lakes Drive for a suspicious female. The female had approached a home, walked onto the porch and opened a plastic bin which is used for mail, then left empty handed.  The homeowner received a motion notification from their surveillance system and contacted police. The female is described as being 5’8′-6’0″ with blond hair, wearing a dark coloured hoodie, blue yoga type pants, and running shoes.  Police would like to identify and speak to this female in order to determine her intentions.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the LaSalle Police at 519 969-5210.
April 22
Assist Fire Department
The LaSalle Fire and Police Service attended the 500 block of Kenwood, in the late morning hours for a residential fire. The fire was quickly extinguished however there was significant damage to the residence and back porch. The fire was deemed accidental and highly likely the result of a faulty electrical component.
April 24
Officers responded to a motor vehicle collision on Bouffard Road involving a deer. The driver advised that the deer had jumped out in front of him and they were unable to avoid a collision with the animal. The deer was deceased as a result and was removed from the roadway. The vehicle sustained moderate damage to the front end damage estimated at around $4,000 and had to be towed from the scene.

April 25
Suspicious Callers: Unknown Numbers
Two young women attended the LaSalle Police Service to file a report of a suspicious circumstance.  One of the women received a call from an unknown number.  During the conversation she could hear 3 distinguishable voices on the other end (2 male, 1 female). She did not know who the people were but spoke to her as though they knew her and her friend.  The callers mentioned some personal details about her friend and knew her name before asking for the friends phone number which she provided. The friend received a phone call from an unknown caller on this date and spoke with a female that would not identify herself.  The caller knew things about her, including her place of employment and when she worked last but would not divulge who she was or exactly what her intentions were. The reporting persons had concerns because these callers seemed to know a lot of information about them. Both women admitted to having multiple social media accounts and that it was possible that’s where the information was obtained from. 
Everyone is reminded to use caution when utilizing any social media.  Always set your security settings to private on all platforms and do not advertise any personal details in your profile or in any posts.   Social media has permeated most of our lives and daily routine of keeping connected.  As such many tend to over share on these platforms and reveal too much about their identity, location, employment, etc…Without properly applied privacy settings, everything posted on-line is easily accessible to anyone. When you are on social media, be aware of what you are posting and who can access that information. The LaSalle Police Service discourages posting personal information, such as an address or phone number, and recommends that if you do not recognize a number calling you, receive an “unknown number” as caller ID, or the person on the other end will not identify themselves, just simply not answer the phone or hang up right away. If it’s important, they’ll leave a message then you can decide if you wish to return the call.
If the caller is persistent or harassing you, call the non-emergency line at 519-969-5210 or file an on-line report on the LaSalle Police Service website at:  https://www.lasallepolice.ca/report-incident/
If you feel threatened and need immediate police assistance, call 911.
Now is a good time for everyone to check their privacy settings on all social media platforms.
April 26
Bicycle Found
A resident of LaSalle reported that he found an abandoned bicycle on his property. An officer attended to take possession of the bicycle. The bike is a Raleigh Men’s Mountain Bike, 6 speed and orange in colour.  It was checked on a police database with negative results and then added as a found article. The bicycle is possession of the LaSalle Police Service and if not claimed by the owner, will eventually be sold at auction.
Theft of Motor Vehicle
At approximately 11:30 PM, Officers attended a residence in the 3800 block of St. Francis Crescent for a report of a theft of a motor vehicle from an open garage.  The reporting person advised that the vehicle, a grey 2018 Mercedes CL had been parked in the garage with the keys inside.  The garage door was accidentally left open at 10:00 PM.  At 11:15 PM, a person is seen on surveillance footage entering the garage and then leaving in the vehicle.  Anyone with any information on this matter is asked to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477.
With Spring just around the corner and the warmer weather approaching , it signals the return of healthy, happy outdoor times.  It also marks the return of all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, etc often times in areas that they do not belong.  This has been an issue every spring, summer and fall in the LaSalle area. Over the past week, several complaints have been received in the areas of Front Road and Victory Street and as always the ETR tracks which is private property and posted with no trespassing signs. Private Property means Private property.  Parents who purchase these for their families to enjoy are not only strongly encouraged to stress safety (helmets, proper clothing, etc.) when operating them, but also need to stress respect for private property and abiding by the law.  If you don’t own or have the property / bush area to run your vehicles, please remember that you cannot use others property without permission.

The LaSalle Police Service wish to stress that ATV’s, dirt bikes or other recreational vehicles cannot be operated ON PRIVATE PROPERTY without permission.  Further, they cannot be operated on public property ie. Parks, and there are strict rules about operating these vehicles on / across roadways.  Please check the regulations under the Off Road Vehicles Act of Ontario before you set out to have some fun.  Remember having fun means doing so that is safe and legal.

Raccoons and Canine (Raccoon) Distemper
Dispatch has received an increase of calls regarding raccoons displaying odd behaviour and out during the day.  Unfortunately, many have been infected with canine distemper which is often confused with rabies.  Officers have responded to numerous calls assisting the Humane Society in removing an affected animal.
Raccoons with distemper may move slowly and may stumble as they walk appearing confused and behaving oddly. They lose their fear of humans, appear blind and confused, may wander aimlessly and may become aggressive if cornered. A mucus discharge will often be present around their eyes and nose and may be accompanied by coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, seizures or chewing fits. They may only exhibit some or all of these symptoms and may otherwise appear healthy.
The Town of LaSalle Animal Control Officer will only pick up deceased animals from Town owned property.  The Windsor Essex County Humane Society- 519-966-5751 (will pick up Raccoons if they are contained (ie: under a box) but not if they are freely roaming.  If you are able, place a box over the animal and put a weight on top of the box, such as a rock.
Canine Distemper  (CDV) is a virus that is generally always present in the raccoon population although at low levels. Distemper cases in racoons have spiked in the area and may continue into the summer. 
If residents notice a raccoon displaying abnormal behaviour, they should call the Humane Society. Residents should not approach or feed the raccoons.
If you require the assistance of police call us at 519 969-5210.  Please do NOT call 911 unless the animal is causing a dangerous situation such as threatening the life of anyone or causing a traffic hazard.