April 27th, 2020 to May 3rd, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday April 27th to Sunday May 3rd, were kept busy responding to 429 occurrences and calls for service. Some of the many calls and occurrences include:

29 – Emergency 911 Calls
3 – Alarms
2 – Animal Complaints
2 – Assist Other Police Service
3 – Bail Violations
9 – By-Law Complaints
12 – COVID-19 related calls
2 – Domestic Dispute
21 – Driving & Traffic Complaints
2 – Family Disputes
1 – Fraud
3 – Harassment Complaint
1 – Impaired Driving Complaint
4 – Insecure Premises
2 – Landlord / Tenant Disputes
1 – Mental Health Act Matter
1 – Mischiefs
3 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
190 – Property Checks
11 – Suspicious Activity
5 – Theft
1 – Threats Complaint
80 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
2 – Trespass Complaints
1 – Wellness Check

April 27th
Theft: Lawnmower
Just before noon, an officer attended a residence on Todd Lane for reports of a stolen homemade lawn mower wagon. The owner believes it was stolen from his property sometime over the weekend. The wagon is described as being approximately 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, 4 feet tall, with a grey steel frame and walls that are made from wood with an approximate value of $500 dollars. If anyone has any information on the disappearance of this wagon or may know its whereabouts please contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210.

April 28th
Lost Elderly Male
At approximately 2:00 PM, a citizen observed an elderly male walking around near the intersection of Todd Lane and Huron Church Line Road who appeared to be disoriented. The citizen inquired with the male if they were okay and discovered that they went for a walk and had gotten lost. The male was unsure of his address and could not answer any basic questions other than his name. The investigating officer along with LaSalle Police Dispatch were able to locate this man’s residence and returned him safely home to his family. With their consent, the officer took a photo of the male and entered him into the LaSalle Police Service Vulnerable Persons Registry. This registry is a valuable tool that assists police in reuniting vulnerable persons with their families in a timely manner. If you have a loved one that is at risk of becoming lost or disoriented, you can contact the LaSalle Police Service to register or visit our website to register. https://www.lasallepolice.ca/vulneable-persons/

April 29th
MVA Fail to Remain
The LaSalle Police Service received a report of a motor vehicle collision that occurred just after 10:00 AM on Rosati Drive. The reporting person advised that they heard a “crunch” sound in front of their residence and when they looked out they observed an older (2000-2010) olive green coloured sedan turn around in his driveway and then speed away. There was minor damage to the reporting persons vehicle which appeared to be less than $1000. Anyone with any information on this collision is requested to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210.

April 30th

Unnecessary Behaviour – Please be Kind
On this date police received a call from an employee at a local grocery store with reference to a confrontation they had with a customer. The employee advised that they had been sanitizing the shopping carts, as per COVID-19 standards, and saw a male who was going to take an un-sanitized cart. They advised the shopper to take one of the carts they had recently sanitized which resulted in the shopper raising his voice and cursing at the employee. The shopper was not able to be identified and left the store after shopping without further incident. The LaSalle Police Service understands and share the frustrations that most people are having with the COVID- 19 restrictions, however please be courteous to those who are working and trying to assist you in the best way possible. We’re all in this together.

May 1st

COVID 19 – Violation
Just before 10:00 PM on Friday officers were dispatched to the area of Rushwood Crescent with regards to an Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act violation. Officers were advised by dispatch that one of the homes in the area was hosting a gathering of more than five people. When officers arrived on scene they became aware of approximately seven people within the residence/ property who were not living there. Officers spoke to these parties and cautioned them on the EMCPA violation and asked that they leave the residence and return to their own homes. We are all missing our family and friends at this time, please utilize the technology that most of us are lucky enough to have and talk to your peers on the telephone or via video calling. Please follow the direction and guidelines of the Windsor Essex County Health Unit as they work toward keeping us all safe and healthy.

May 2nd

Wellness Check
Dispatch received calls from two concerned LaSalle residents regarding an elderly female who was seen walking southbound on Malden Road, towards Amherstburg. Both callers had spoken to the female and it was understood that she had taken a bus from Montreal to Windsor to reunite with an old friend in Amherstburg. The officers quickly located the female and were concerned for her well-being. She had not communicated with her friend that she was intending to visit in over 15 years. The female provided a phone number for her son. Her son advised that would come immediately to Windsor to meet and pick up his mother. The officers were able to find a temporary stay at the Welcome Centre for the female until her son could meet her.

Throughout the week LaSalle Police Service has received and responded to numerous driving complaints from all across the town. We understand that there are many restrictions and changes that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, however; rules regarding driving within the town, or anywhere for that matter, have not changed. Please adhere to the rules of the road: maintain speed limits, stop at stop signs and red traffic lights, and do not drink and drive. Let’s keep the streets of LaSalle safe!

The LaSalle Police Service would like to thank the LaSalle Post for its years of support and community partnership. Your presence in our community will surely be missed! Thank You and Best Wishes.