April 6th, 2020 to April 12th, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday April 6th to Sunday April 12th, were kept busy responding to 333 occurrences and calls for service. Some of the many calls and occurrences include:

18 – Emergency 911 Calls
4 – Alarms
2 – Assist Other Police Service
20 – COVID-19 related calls
2 – By-Law Complaints
9 – Driving & Traffic Complaints
2 – Harassment Complaint
3 – Mischiefs
5 – Motor Vehicle Collision
2 – Persons to be Removed
92 – Property Checks
4 – Suspicious Activity
2 – Thefts
1 – Threats Complaint
22 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
3 – Wellness Checks

April 6th
Break and Enter to a Home Under Construction
LaSalle Police Service received a report from a home builder with reference to a break and enter to a home under construction in the 6000 block of Silver Maple Street. The reporting person stated that sometime between the evening of April 2nd and the morning of April 3rd, someone forced in the man door to the garage and gained entry to the residence. The culprits damaged the door and framing in the process. There was no theft reported in this instance and the investigation is continuing. Residents are reminded to call police immediately if they see any suspicious activity, persons or vehicles in and around construction sites, especially during the night or at hours that you wouldn’t normally expect construction to take place.

April 7th
COVID-19 Essential Businesses Inquiries
Dispatch received a call from a contractor who needed to finish a construction job in the Town of LaSalle at a local business. Due to the pandemic, he expressed concerns that he was worried that if he was to go and finish the job that he would get charged for not following isolation protocols. He was unaware if the job itself would be considered essential vs. non-essential. An officer was detailed to contact this male via a phone call and advised him that there are some circumstances that construction jobs are deemed essential. The officer provided the contractor with the number below and a website for points of reference to answer any questions. He then phoned the number and followed up with the officer stating that his service was given a “green light” to proceed, until finished. He assured the officer that he and his other three workers would maintain social distancing throughout the job and should be done by the weekend.

To find out more if your business or work is essential or not as set out by government regulations and the EMCPA:
Contact: Ontario’s Stop the Spread Business Information Line (1-888-444-3659)
Or visit this website: https://www.ontario.ca/page/list-essential-workplaces

Lost Male
Some time around 10:00 pm, an officer was dispatched to the intersection of County Road 8 and Howard Avenue for reports of a male standing at the corner in the pouring rain. The caller stated that when she spoke with the male, he seemed lost and confused. Officers located the male at the aforementioned location and summoned paramedics shortly after, as the male stated that he had previously fallen and possibly broke his arm. The male was later transported to the hospital for further evaluations.

April 8th
Theft from Motor Vehicle
A caller residing in the 1100 block of Gabrieau phoned the LaSalle Police Service in regards to his vehicle being entered overnight. An officer attended to investigate and noticed that the vehicle had in fact been entered and items were strewn about the interior. There was no damage to the vehicle and nothing was reported to have been taken at this time. The vehicle appears to have been left unlocked overnight. The investigation is continuing. Please be mindful to always lock your vehicle doors and take in any items that thieves could target.

April 10th
Items Found
On April 10th, a resident of LaSalle made an On-line Report via the LaSalle Police Service website regarding a bicycle that had been sitting next to a garbage can in Heritage Park for the past few days. The biked is described as purple in colour, Royce Union Men’s Mountain Bike, 15 speed. A snow blower was also located April 11th in the area of Montgomery Drive and Highway 3. A query was done on both of these items in a police database to see if either of them were reported stolen or lost, which both came back negative. They were both brought back to the LaSalle Police Service, and added to the police database as recovered.

April 11th
On this day dispatch received a complaint concerning a golf business operating while not being deemed an essential service. When an officer attended he was met by the owner who was on the property alone and hitting a some balls while the business was closed. They were not in violation as this is their own personal property. To learn more about essential workplaces please reference:

Speeding Vehicles – Canard Drive
Just after 4:00 pm, LaSalle Police Service received a complaint that five vehicles were seen driving at a “dangerous rate of speed” on Canard Drive. The reporting person recognized the vehicles from previous incidents of the same nature and wished for the drivers to be spoken to for their own safety and the safety of the area residents. The reporting person provided the licence plate number of one of the involved vehicles as well as a description of the driver to the police. Police were able to speak with this driver and cautioned them about the manner in which they were operating their vehicle. There have been a number of traffic complaints spanning several years with reference to speeding and aggressive driving on Canard Drive. LaSalle Police continues to remind ALL motorists to obey the speed limits on ALL roads within LaSalle for everyone’s safety. We understand that there are other locations within the Town of LaSalle where there are traffic concerns and the LaSalle Police Service makes every effort to address these maters by way of education, awareness and enforcement.

April 12th

Single Motor Vehicle Collision and Suspended Driver
Shortly after 10:00 pm, police were summoned to the 2400 block of Front Road for a report of a single motor vehicle collision. It was reported that a motor vehicle had left the roadway and struck a tree. When officers arrived they were notified by several witnesses that the driver of the vehicle left the area on foot. The witnesses provided a detailed description of the male driver to the officers, who quickly located him walking nearby. A query of the male’s driver’s licence revealed that he was a suspended driver. The male was subsequently issued two summonses, one for driving while under suspension and the other for careless driving – which resulted in the motor vehicle collision.