Arson at Essex Golf and Country Club

Over the past 3 weeks there have been 2 attempts at setting fire to structures in & around the pool area at Essex Golf & Country Club.
During the first reported incident which occurred the night of July 27th, suspect(s) attempted to set fire to a small wooden shed that is used as a lifeguard hut / storage in the enclosed pool area. Suspect(s) had used a water bottle with charcoal lighter fluid and a rag stuck inside as a “Molotov cocktail” in order to set the structure on fire. The attempt failed resulting in only minor damage to the shingles on the roof and a scorch mark on the side of the structure. The water bottle, lighter fluid bottle and red bandana/handkerchief with distinct design patterns were recovered from the scene.

The second attempt took place this past Saturday August 19th, just before 4:30 AM. An on duty employee of the club observed several flashes of light coming from the snack bar area of the pool. LaSalle Fire Service attended the scene and quickly extinguished the fire. The fire was contained to the female bathroom area . The investigation by Fire Officials and attending LaSalle Police Officers revealed a gas can inside the bathroom. It appeared that the suspect(s) poured the gasoline around the area before igniting the fire. Fortunately this fire was put out quickly before significant damage could be done.
Based on the evidence at this second incident, it is believed that the person(s) responsible may have sustained some burns or scorching to hands, face, head along with singed hair on their extremities and/or burned clothing. The suspect(s) may also have a distinct and strong “burn” odour coming from them. Do you know anyone that fits this unique description?
Needless to say the person(s) involved in these incidents do not live in a vacuum. They have families, friends or co-workers around them. If you suspect or believe you know the person involved in these incidents, please call us at 519-969-5210. You can also call Crime Stoppers and provide an anonymous tip at 519-258-8477. If your information leads to arrest and charges, you may be eligible for a reward.