Assist Fire

On October 13, 2019, Officers were requested to assist LaSalle Fire Service on the Detroit River with a stranded boater. The vessel had run out of gas approximately 2 hours prior and the captain was hoping to drift to shore, however night was beginning to fall. LaSalle Fire Service attended with their vessel but were not able to tow the boat. The captain was advised that they could contact another tow service or the Canadian Coast Guard at a nominal fee. The captain declined the assistance of a tow boat and would make other arrangements. The vessel was anchored and the occupants of the vessel were transported to shore to obtain fuel. Two hours later dispatch received a call from the captain advising his boat was not where he anchored it and the coast guard was contacted to advise passing boats in the area about a possible drifting boat. The vessel was located a short while later where it had drifted south of where it had been originally anchored. Please be mindful of your fuel level before heading out onto the water. It is always advisable to visibly inspect the fuel level in the tank and gauges can provide faulty reading. There are agencies that provide marine assistance such as towing and fuel assistance that a mariner can obtain a yearly membership for a nominal fee. Always remember to bring all your necessary safety equipment with you on every boat trip and USE IT.