Assist Public

On December 10, 2019, LaSalle Police received a harassment complaint from an elderly female. The female advised dispatch that her brother had visited her home and started yelling at her, hit her and then left her residence. She was calling from a neighbour’s home. When the officer arrived at the female’s home she began to speak with the elderly female about the incident. The female insisted that she hadn’t seen her brother that day and that she had seen him yesterday when he brought her ice cream. She stated that they do argue, but he has never hurt her. After hearing these answers the officer believed that the lady suffered from dementia. She contacted the lady’s brother to confirm her story and asked him about the happenings that could have occurred that day. She was advised that the female does in fact have Alzheimer’s Disease, and it has worsened in the past few months, since her husband passed away. Our officer contacted the complainant’s daughter in London to advise her of what had occurred on this day. LPS are now aware of the female and have added her to a list of vulnerable persons, so that if and when officers are dispatched her way they are aware of her illness and more able to understand what is happening.