Assist Public

On May 3, 2019, officers attended the area of Sprucewood and North Woodmont for reports of a lost elderly male. He was currently with the caller who advised he would remain with him until police arrived. Officers arrived and spoke to the male who seemed quite confused as to his location, thinking he was in another area of town. Officers checked the local police database and obtained his address. Officers transported the male home and made a phone call to his wife advising her of the situation. She advised officers this has never happened before but will monitor him closely from now on. Officers asked if they could take a photograph in case of future occurrences to which permission was given. LaSalle Police Service maintains a Vulnerable Persons Registry where the officers obtain a photograph, personal information about the subject as well as who to contact in the event the person goes missing. This registry has assisted police several times in the past in quickly identifying a wandering individual and getting them to safety. Potential candidates for the registry can include persons who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or any mental illness and may wander off.