Attempt Fraud

On September 30, 2019, officer attended a residence in Town after a female reported that she received an e-mail from a male who purported to be from Norton Anti Virus advising that her computer’s virus protection would be expiring in November. There was a phone number listed to call should she wish to renew her subscription. She contacted the company and spoke to a representative with a foreign accent, who indicated he could renew her subscription remotely. The reporting person allowed the representative remote access to her computer and then provided her credit card number when the male asked for payment. Becoming suspicious of the circumstances, and suspecting a possible scam she cancelled her credit card and notified police. She was advised to unplug her computer and bring it in for service as it was likely that a virus had been implanted in the computer giving the culprit unfettered access to any information on it at any time. She was further advised to contact her financial institutions and register with Equifax or TransUnion to monitor credit activity in both her and her husband’s name. She was not out any money at the time of reporting. LaSalle Police would like to remind the public to never provide any personal, or financial information over the phone. Furthermore, unless you contact a trusted company directly and are sure of their identity, do not allow anyone remote access to your computer. If you require service, bring your computer to a reliable and trusted technician. For information on recent scams, or to report a fraud you can contact the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501, or