Boaters – Wake and Speeding along the Detroit River

Last week we asked that every boater in LaSalle to slow down and mind their wake. This week the water in the Detroit River rose significantly causing the Town of LaSalle to temporarily close Front Road due to flooding as is posed a safety hazard. LaSalle Police would like to remind everyone to please keep this in your thoughts as you travel through LaSalle as well as our neighbours Windsor, Amherstburg, St.Clair Beach and all other communities along the waterfront. As we are all aware, the water level in the area is extremely high causing all sorts of issues with flooding and property damage. Many docks in marina’s are submerged and land is being eroded as this high water continues. Boats in the marina’s sit higher in their slips are due to the high water and are striking against their moorings with the wake caused by passing vessels. Please be extremely courteous as this is very difficult for our property owners who are watching their property being destroyed by each wave as is erodes their land and crashes against their residences. If we can all do the neighbourly thing and look out for one another. Please get the word out to everyone you know who owns a vessel. Notwithstanding that there is a 10km/h speed limit throughout the Detroit River through LaSalle (exception is the channel that runs between Grassy Island and Fighting Island), we a simply asking for your understanding and compassion. The fine for speeding on the water is $240.00 including the surcharge. We will be out monitoring the situation and looking after our residents best interests. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.