Boaters – Wake and Speeding along the Detroit River

LaSalle Police are asking all boater’s from Seadoo’s to yachts to slow down and mind their wake. LaSalle Police and The Town of LaSalle have received complaints of property damage caused by vessel traffic and speeding along the waterways in LaSalle. As we are all aware, the water level in the area is extremely high causing all sorts of issues with flooding and property damage. Many docks in marina’s are submerged and land is being eroded as this high water continues. Boats in the marina’s sit higher in their slips are due to the high water and are striking against their moorings with the wake caused by passing vessels. ALL of the Detroit River in LaSalle is posted as 10 km/h which is also posted in the Canada Shipping Act. Boater’s are asked to be conscientious to the property owners along the river, the marina’s, the moored vessels and the Town of LaSalle when travelling along the river. If you are producing a wake, please slow down. Every wave and wake that you produce erodes the land along the river at an alarming rate and can potentially cause damage to the moored boats in the marina’s. LaSalle Police will be out in full force this summer ensuring that the speed limits as well as other safe boating practices will be adhered to. If you read this article and know a boater, please pass this message along and help our neighbours to preserve our beautiful waterfront. Wish wish you a safe and enjoyable boating season.