Break and Enter

On December 5, 2018, LaSalle Police Dispatch received a call from a home located on Malden Road, in Windsor. The homeowner told the Dispatcher that he had just arrived home and the contents of his home were in a pick-up truck which appeared to be stuck in mud, besides his driveway. He saw two men, who had been attempting to free the truck, run from the scene towards LaSalle. Officers converged in the area. The Sergeant responding to the call attended the victim’s home quickly and discovered that the pick-up truck in the victim’s driveway had in fact been reported stolen earlier in the day from an address on 7th Concession.
After speaking with the homeowner, who gave an excellent description of the suspects, the Sergeant broadcast the information to other responding officers. He advised officers that he too had seen the duo heading towards the Tim Horton’s on Malden Rd. Sure enough; officers found the two near Tim’s and arrested both men for Break and Enter, Possession of Stolen Property. While searching one of the suspects, officers found unknown pills, crystal meth and cocaine. They also found keys to a stolen/recovered Volkswagen, which had been dumped on the 7th Concession on the 4th of December. Both men were charged with numerous offences, and asked to appear in court to respond to the allegations levelled against them. Further investigations are ongoing to determine their involvement in other crimes.

We share this incident with our residents to encourage them to call us if they see something suspicious; such as unknown persons loading up the neighbour’s belongings into a pick-up truck. We would also like everyone to lock their cars and homes, and remove all valuables in plain sight. #HelpUsHelpYou #beagoodneighbour