Break and Enter

On September 10, 2019, a LaSalle resident visited the LaSalle Police Service to report a theft from his garage over night. He informed the officer that he had locked the side door of the garage before heading to bed on September 9th and awoke the next day to find that the side door was open. Several power tools and sound system accessories were taken. The victim stated that a few months prior, he had misplaced his electronic garage door opener and believes that this is what was used to access his garage. The officer conducted an area canvas, however there were no witnesses who reported suspicious activity. The officer provided advice utilizing the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and suggested that consideration should be given to he installing surveillance cameras to help prevent / deter a similar occurrence in the future.
A reminder that if you lose or misplace your garage door opener, you should immediately reprogram your garage door opener unit. Check the make and model of your opener and follow the instructions on how to accomplish this. It is usually as easy as pushing a button on the back of the main unit.