LaSalle Police Service 2019 Annual Report

Message from the Chief

Once again, it is my honour to present the 2019 Annual Report. The annual police report is mandatory and is to be made public as legislated by the Police Service Act.

Ensuring that residents live and go about their daily activities in a safe community is and remains the primary focus of the LaSalle Police Service. This past year the men and women of the LaSalle Police Service have provided that safe community. 2019 was a period of time in which no public safety issues were raised. I would be remiss to mention that speeding complaints remains a common concern with residents; however, great effort has been made to curb this issue in reducing the concern of speeding this past year.

Further, we continue to work closely with mental health officials and partners to address mental health issues in our community. Having an in-house mental health resource person has proven a valuable partnership.

Public confidence remains paramount. The vast majority of residents publicly support the efforts and importance of the style of policing provided. Transparency and community confidence in their police service remains our benchmark. Our annual community survey of 400 residents once again has demonstrated that 99% of those surveyed have a tremendous amount of respect for the service provided by the LaSalle Police. My staff and I thank-you for your continued support.

The absence of founded public complaints, OIPRD matters, SIU incidents and internal investigations suggests a professional, transparent and community minded service.

The Service has experienced the largest change in respect to personnel in years. There have been three officers promoted to Sergeant, two promoted to Staff Sergeant and one officer appointed to Deputy Chief. Four officers were hired to replacement vacancies of whom three were female. Congratulations to Staff Sergeant Chevalier, Senior Constable Boniferro and Communicator Karen Lavergne on their retirement. Of note the average age of police personnel has decreased by six years.

It is important that residents continue to be a part of making this community safe. We encourage your feedback and participation. Today’s community and police partnership is about the community taking a lead role and for police to serve.

The women and men of the LaSalle Police Service provide a great service to their community. The unique relationship the community has with LaSalle Police provides a co-operative approach in addressing resident issues of concern. I would like to thank the residents of the Town of LaSalle for your continued support and participation in helping the Service strive to better serve its community. LaSalle Police believe in “community led policing”.

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