Crime Prevention Week Spotlight: Essex County Youth Diversion

Crime Prevention Week Spotlight: Essex County Youth Diversion
Serving Ontario, Protecting Communities enables police services to promote the benefits of a holistic community approach to addressing local crime and issues related to safety and well-being.
When police services and the communities they serve work together we all win. Community engagement and partnership are crucial in delivering the best possible service to the residents we serve.
The LaSalle Police Service is proud to partner with Essex County Youth Diversion. We are especially grateful for their assistance along with LaSalle Police CCAO Sr. Constable Terry Seguin in delivering the B.R.A.D. (Bullying Relationships and Drugs) program to our local high school students.
YD provides our communities with an array of services which include promoting and fostering a healthy community by providing timely and effective intervention with at-risk youth. Both the Extrajudicial Measures Program (EJM) and Extrajudicial Sanctions Program (EJS) are designed to deal with youth in conflict with the law and hold youth accountable for their actions while offering opportunities for them to deal with the underlying issues contributing to their criminal behaviour. The goals of the Extrajudicial Sanctions Program are to involve the community in addressing the rehabilitation of youth, to reduce and/or eliminate the associated labeling of young people involved with the legal system through active involvement in the community and to allow youth an opportunity to make amends for their illegal conduct appropriately. YD also offers a number of youth outreach programs designed to educating youth on making healthy and appropriate life choices.
Taking their approach one step further, YD also offers resources and education for parents and guardians on youth related topics including drugs and awareness of online behaviour.
This resource is a must see for all parents and guardians!
Check out this great resource for parents:
Thank you Essex County Youth Diversion for your service to our communities and your continued partnership.
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