Crossing Guards in the Town of LaSalle – Plan Your Safe Route and Bicycle Safety to and from School

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Media Release


Crossing Guards in the Town of LaSalle


Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, school boards have had to make necessary adjustments for our students. This includes changes to the transportation of our students to and from school. The walking distances for many students has increased in order to limit ridership on the buses in an effort to maintain appropriate social distancing as much as possible.


New Crossing Guard Location

As a result, we responded to a request from the school board and Bus Kids to add a crossing guard at the intersection of Malden Road and Wyoming Avenue for children attending Sandwich West Public School. The crossing guard at this location will use the pedestrian crossing traffic lights in order to assist students across the roadway. Please keep in mind that the light at that particular crossing is relatively short so please be patient and vigilant when driving in that area especially between 8:20 am and 9:15 am, and again from 3:20 pm and 4:10 pm. If you are travelling north on Malden Road during these times, please keep an eye out for the crossing guard and DO NOT continue to make a right hand turn onto Wyoming Avenue at any time when the crossing guard is in the intersection.


Motorists and Cyclists

Motorists are asked to please keep an eye out for our crossing guards and stop well in advance when signaled to do so. Cyclists are also reminded that when you are riding along the roadway, you are also obligated to stop for the crossing guard who has stopped traffic to allow students to cross.


Reminder for Parents

Many of our students are now walking or riding their bikes to school from longer distances than usual. We ask that you speak to your children about obeying the crossing guard AT ALL TIMES. They have been implemented for your children’s safety.


The crossing guard will enter the street when safe to do so, ensuring that all traffic has stopped and that there are no dangers before signaling your child to safely cross the street. We ask that you advise your child to approach the crossing guard on the designated side of the street and follow their instructions.


Bicycle Safety

Many children are riding their bicycles to school which is wonderful. Some simple bicycle etiquette and rules should be followed when riding your bicycle to school:


·    According to Section 104 of the Highway Traffic Act, all children must always wear a properly fitting bicycle helmet.

·    According to Section 75 (5) of the Highway Traffic Act, the bicycle must be equipped with a sound signaling device such as a horn or bell.

·    Children should be instructed to use their hand signals when turning or stopping.

·    We ask that when your children are crossing any roadway, that they dismount from their bicycles and walk their bike across the road with a crossing guard. The crossing guard will ask your child to dismount from their bike before crossing the road. This is for safety so that the person who is walking with their bike will have greater ability to stop or change directions should an emergency situation happen, like an approaching vehicle that is not stopping.

·    Please instruct your child to follow the directions of the crossing guard.


Crossing Guard Locations

Visit the Town of LaSalle’s website at for a map and list of where the crossing guards are located to help you and your child in determining the best and safest route to school. We recommend that you practice the route with them on the weekend, or could accompany them on a trip or two to make this determination.


All of our crossing guards are dedicated and compassionate and seek to ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safely. The crossing guards endure all sorts of weather and are out there rain or shine and oftentimes in sub-zero temperatures. They are also usually the first person your child meets to and from school. Parents must teach our children to obey the crossing guard’s instructions. It is for their own safety.



For more information, contact:


Constable Terry Seguin

Community and Corporate Affairs Officer

LaSalle Police Service

519 969-5210, ext. 2031

Dawn Hadre

Corporate Communication and Promotions Officer, Town of LaSalle

519-969-7770, ext. 1253