Door to Door Sales Scams – Asphalt Driveways

The LaSalle Police Service recently received a report of a potential scam that had taken place on the morning of Tuesday, March 16th. A resident reported that a couple of males attended their residence, offering to asphalt their driveway for a reduced rate. They advised that they had completed another driveway in the area and had enough leftover material to finish their driveway as well. They appeared to have all the necessary equipment with them to complete the job and the resident agreed to have them do the work.

The cash was exchanged before completion and once the job was complete the company promptly left. Once the resident had a chance to inspect the work, they observed that the asphalt that was laid was loose and gravel like which was then sprayed with some sort of black coating, all of which was easily disturbed by simply touching it.

The resident is not satisfied with the end product and the matter is civil which will require them to sue the company in civil court.

Before agreeing to anything, know who you are dealing with! Make sure that you have a contract with the company and record the company name, the names of the salesperson, and all necessary contact information in the event that things don’t work out as discussed.
If the deal seems to go to be true it probably is.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST and ask lots of questions. As the weather gets warmer, residents begin to see an increase in door-to-door salespeople.  Oftentimes they use high-pressure tactics to convince you to buy a product or service and that the offer is time-sensitive. If you are interested in a product or service, ask for a brochure or additional printed or web information so you can do your research first and ask them to come back at a later time and after you’ve done some research. If they really want to sell their product or service, and if they are legitimate, they will gladly give you the time you need. Once you’ve done your research and have time to think it over you can always say Yes or No. Either way, you will be making a better and more informed decision.

Here is a link from the Government of Ontario regarding Door-to-Door sales:

Ontario Canada – Door to Door Sales and Home Service Contracts

Here is an excerpt from the Little Black book of Scams published by the Competition Bureau of Canada that can also help identify all sorts of scams:

Tips to protect yourself:
-Don’t make full payment before the service work/product is completed, inspect the service work/product before full payment is made
-Ask for a photo ID, get the name and contact information of the person and of the company or charity they represent
-Don’t make payments in cash, opt to use a personal cheque or other safe banking methods
-Don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision – take time to do some research on the sale and the products first
-Never share any personal information or copies of any bills or financial statements
-Only allow access to your property to people you trust
-Research before you invest. Don’t sign anything and always read the fine print.