Driver Arrested During R.I.D.E. Program For Exceeding Legal Limit of Alcohol

During the evening of Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the LaSalle Police Service’s Traffic Enforcement Unit officers conducted a mobile and stationary R.I.D.E. Program within various locations in the Town of LaSalle. The officers stopped and investigated over 175 motor vehicles and conducted four roadside alcohol screening tests. Three of the drivers and motor vehicles passed and were cleared.

A 43-year-old male was arrested and charged with exceeding over 80 milligrams of alcohol in his blood after he was stopped and questioned at the R.I.D.E. Program checkpoint. His motor vehicle was seized and impounded and his driver’s licence was suspended. He will have to attend court to answer the charge.

In addition to alcohol consumption screening, officers issued several tickets and warnings for traffic-related infractions including expired licence plates, driver’s licence infractions, disobeying stop signs, speeding and also for a child that was not properly fastened in their seatbelt.

The LaSalle Police will continue to educate and inform the public of the consequences of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs and will conduct R.I.D.E. Programs throughout the year to help prevent and stop impaired driving.

The LaSalle Police Service wishes to remind all drivers to arrange for a safe ride home if consuming any intoxicating substances.

R.I.D.E is an acronym meaning Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere. Arrive alive and don’t drink and drive.

Police SUV on road with two officers standing behind directing traffic at night.