Driver Receives Seven Day Driver’s Licence Suspension

An adult female Windsor resident has had their licence suspended for a period of seven days for operating a motor vehicle in the 2900 block of Front Road with a blood alcohol concentration above 50 mgs per 100 mls of blood.

At about 2:45 AM, on August 13th, a LaSalle Police officer was patrolling the area when he observed the vehicle drifting in its lane as well as slowing and accelerating. The officer stopped the vehicle and spoke with the female driver and demanded a breath sample into an approved device. As a result, her driver’s licence was suspended for seven days. A sober driver attended to pick up her and her vehicle.

There is no fine associated to the suspension however she must pay $281.00 to Service Ontario to have her licence reinstated after that period. Please don’t drink and drive and arrange for a ride home.