Driver Ticketed For Driving More Than 50 km/h Over the Limit

A 33 year old male driver of a white Toyota CHR was charged with drive motor vehicle perform stunt – driving 50 or more km/hr after registering a reading of 105 km/h in a posted 50 km/h zone this morning at 4:30 AM on Highway 18 in LaSalle. An officer was parked and conducting radar in the area when they observed the vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed. The Toyota travelled past the police vehicle fast enough to cause the police vehicle to shake violently. The officer stopped the vehicle a short distance away and the driver was issued a Part III Summons for the offence. His driver’s licence was suspended for a period of seven days and his vehicle impounded for seven days.

A Part III Summons means that the driver will be required to attend court before a Justice of the Peace to answer to the charges. If convicted (for a first time offence), the driver will face a minimum fine of $2000.00 and a driver’s licence suspension of not more than two years. After seven full days, the driver will also be required to pay for all towing and storage fees as well as the fee, $281.00 for reinstatement of their licence.

Please be mindful of your speed and drive cautiously.

Date: Mar 8, 2021

Author: Senior Constable Terry SEGUIN

Phone: 519-969-5210

Approved By: Staff Sergeant Michael FOREMAN