Driving Complaint and Possession of a Controlled Substance

On April 25, 2019, officers were dispatched to the area of Front Road with regards to a driving complaint. Windsor Police reported that they had received a complaint from a citizen that a vehicle on Ojibway Parkway was swerving on the road and the driver appeared to be driving at times with their eyes closed. The vehicle was located by the Detroit River at Gil Maure Park in LaSalle with a lone male occupant. While speaking with the driver officers observed a quantity of ammunition as well as a trigger lock in plain view. The vehicle was then subsequently searched for an unlawful firearms. A small amount of controlled substances were located / turned over however no signs of impairment were detected. Upon querying the persons name on an available police data base, they were found to be unlicensed. The drugs were seized to be destroyed and he was cautioned for his driving and possession of a controlled substance.