Drunk Driving or High is Not Worth the Risk

Tis’ the season to indulge and from time to time partake in a beverage…or two, however we would like you to consider the following, and then consider how much cheaper a cab or some other means of transportation would have cost if you had not drove drunk or high.
To promote safe driving for Ontarians, the province has some of the strictest driving laws regarding driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
Section 48 of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario provides the authority for the police to stop any driver to determine if alcohol or drug testing is required. They may also do roadside spot checks. When stopped by the police, you may be told to blow into a machine that tests your breath for alcohol, a roadside screening device, or perform physical coordination tests.
If you cannot give a breath sample or it is impractical to obtain a sample of breath, the police officer can require you to provide a blood sample instead. The police may also require a driver to provide, blood, oral or urine samples. If you fail or refuse to comply with any of these demands, you will be charged under the Criminal Code.