Enforcement for Violating COVID-19 Prevention Measures

As of November 22nd, 2020 the Ontario Government updated its “COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open” by stating specific compliance thresholds for each level in the framework.

Health Units across Ontario were categorized into threshold levels based on specific data in those regions. Those threshold levels are;
1) Grey – Lockdown – Maximum Measures
2) Red – Control – Stringent Measures
2) Orange – Restrict – Intermediate Measures
3) Yellow – Protect – Strengthened Measures
4) Green – Prevent – Standard Measures

Currently, the Windsor Essex County Health Unit, which serves Windsor and Essex County, is at the ‘Orange – Restrict’ level.

COVID-19 positive cases have continued a steady increase in many regions across Ontario including here in Essex County. We as a community must not become weary or complacent in our efforts to avoid unnecessary exposure and have to do our part to stem the burden to our medical system. We are all legally bound to follow these rules which have been put into place in order to protect the overall health of our communities.

Here is a link to the Ontario Government COVID-19 Response Framework

The Government of Ontario, health units, and community leaders have done their utmost to educate everyone on the COVID-19 guidelines to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic. Provincial and local governments then created and or amended legislation and regulations to further ensure compliance of those guidelines with a heavy emphasis on education and awareness. This was done in an effort to maintain and improve public health in our communities as we face this pandemic together.

The guidelines and rules that have been set in place have been made clear and available to everyone on an ongoing basis for approximately nine months.

The LaSalle Police Service will investigate violations of legislation related to COVID-19 enacted by Federal, Provincial or local governments or orders made by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit, and if sufficient grounds exit, will pursue charges, all of which carry a significant penalty.

The LaSalle Police Service respects that many are facing serious challenges however the health and safety of our community is of paramount importance us. We continuously strive to maintain a positive relationship with our community which is evident in our ability to collaborate and cooperate while building mutual respect and support.
If we work together we can all make a difference. Please make the right choice.

Approved By: Staff Sergeant Jason WOODS