Explosion on Boat at Local Marina Results in Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

The LaSalle Police, LaSalle Fire, and Windsor Essex EMS responded to an incident on Monday, just after 2 PM, following reports of an explosion on a boat docked at Beattie’s Sunset Marina in LaSalle. The vessel had multiple occupants at the time of the incident, some of whom sustained non-life threatening injuries, primarily burns and scrapes.

Paramedics and LaSalle Fire personnel arrived promptly and in significant numbers, efficiently managing the situation and providing immediate aid to the injured individuals. The explosion originated within the boat’s engine compartment, with preliminary suspicions pointing towards a fuel vapor buildup related to refuelling as the likely cause. Investigation into the incident continues.

It’s noteworthy that while the explosion did not result in a fire on the vessel, damage did occur to the engine compartment and the immediate vicinity within the vessel. The injured parties were transported to the hospital by EMS for thorough medical evaluation, and it is expected that all affected individuals will make a full recovery from their injuries.