February 10, 2020 to February 16, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday February 10th to Sunday February 16th, were kept busy responding to 273 occurrences and calls for service. Some of the many calls and occurrences include:

24 – Emergency 911 Calls
6 – Alarms
1 – Assist Ambulance
3 – Assist Other Police Service
2 – Attempt Criminal Act
2 – Break and Enters
5 – By-Law Complaints
6 – Driving & Traffic Complaints
1 – Firearms Investigation
6 – Frauds
6 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
1 – Person To Be Removed
1 – Sexual Offence
9 – Suspicious Activity
7 – Thefts
4 – Threats
103 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
2 – Warrant Executed
Feb. 10th
Residence Break and Enters
On this date, there were two Break and Enters into residences on Augustus Court and Elmgate Crescent and two Attempt Break and Enters on Harrison Street. On Augustus Court, the suspect(s) entered through an opened pedestrian garage door, stole items from the garage and items from two unlocked vehicles. On Elmgate, the other residence, which is under construction, had forced entry marks to the house. With nothing available to steal, the suspect(s) left empty-handed. A path of footprints were able to be seen and investigated in both occurrences and video surveillance was collected.
Regarding the attempts on Harrison, both houses under construction as well, showed pry marks on the doors to try and gain entry without success.

Just like our campaign of “Lock it or Lose it” for vehicles, we advise the public to do the same for your residence, garage, vehicle(s) inside garage, shed, etc.
These matters remain under investigation. Anyone with information should call LaSalle Police Service 519-969-5210 or Crime Stoppers at https://www.catchcrooks.com/ 519 258-8477.

Feb. 11th
Theft: Shoppers Drug Mart
At approximately 1:00pm, an officer was dispatched to Shoppers Drug Mart on Malden Road for reports of a male and a female that stole almost $1500.00 worth of perfume earlier that day. A worker noticed that there were several items missing from the perfume wall and further investigated before calling the police to make sure inventory was done correctly. The culprits were located on video surveillance footage. The investigating officer has disseminated the video/photo’s and are awaiting identification of the individuals. The culprits may face a criminal charge of theft under $5000.00. The officer is continuing with this investigation and requests that anyone with information should call LaSalle Police Service 519-969-5210 or Crime Stoppers at https://www.catchcrooks.com/ 519 258-8477.

Feb. 12th
Mischief (Property damage- Under $5000)
Officers received a call regarding a neighbour dispute. The caller advised that his neighbours had been driving over his lawn and causing damage to his property. It was believed that the neighbours were renting and may have not known the boundaries. An officer attended and confirmed that this was the case. The neighbour was cooperative and apologetic. Anyone knowingly and willingly damaging the property of another person can be charged with the criminal offence of Mischief. Please remember to be careful when it comes to your neighbours’ and other peoples property.

Feb. 13th
A LaSalle resident received a cheque in the mail and after examining it, immediately knew it was fraudulent. They attended the bank with the cheque to confirm their suspicions and was advised to contact the police to help inform other residents of the possible fraudulent cheques. The complainant stated that they are currently looking for employment and has their full name and address on social media. They suspect that this is where the fraudster may have obtained their information. Please be wary of cheques that you receive in the mail, especially from an unknown source or unexpectedly. If in doubt attend a bank or the police station to confirm it’s validity. There are a number of scams that are ongoing via telephone, the internet, and through the mail. You can always find great information on current scams by visiting The Competition Bureau of Canada at https://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/04333.html – The Little Black Book of Scams, as well as The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at http://www.antifraudcentre.ca/index-eng.htm

Feb. 14th
Three Vehicle Accident
Just before 8am, officers were dispatched to the intersection of Huron Church Line Road and Highway 3 for reports of a three vehicle collision. Through investigation it was learned that all three vehicles were travelling North on Huron Church Line Road approaching Highway 3 and were stopped or in the process of stopping at the red light. It was determined the last vehicle in line was following too closely and was not able to stop safely and therefore struck the rear of the middle car. The middle car was pushed forward and caused it to strike the lead vehicle on the rear. There was minor to moderate damage to all three vehicles however there were no injuries reported. The driver of the vehicle that initially collided with the middle vehicle was ticketed for Following Too Closely. Please remember to leave sufficient room between you and the vehicle you are following to allow for time to react if that vehicle suddenly stops or makes an unexpected manoeuvre. Always keep your eyes and your attention on the road and your surroundings.

Feb. 15th
911 Dropped Call/Possible Misdial
An hour past midnight, dispatch received a dropped call through the 911 line. Upon immediate call back, dispatch spoke with a male who advised everything was fine and that he had dialed in error. When the officers arrived they discovered that a verbal domestic dispute had taken place. There were no grounds in this instance to proceed with criminal charges however this situation illustrates why the police don’t simply “take your word for it” when it comes to calls on the emergency line. We will always check on your well being to ensure that there is, in-fact no emergency. LaSalle Police has a protocol in place to send an officer to every 911 call. Something small in a state of panic, could become a much bigger problem or what is said to be “an accidental call or pocket dial” could actually be the caller hiding a more serious situation.

Feb. 16th
Property Found
A male came to the station with a jewellery item that he had found at the CIBC on Malden Road back in December. He was unable to attend the police station earlier than this. The item is a silver chain with a cross pendant and a heart shaped locket. If you are missing a chain with this description please attend the LaSalle Police Station at 1880 Normandy Street and ask to speak to an officer to properly identify the property.