February 17, 2020 to February 23, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday February 17th to Sunday February 23rd, were kept busy responding to 279 occurrences and calls for service. Some of the many calls and occurrences include:

18 – Emergency 911 Calls
6 – Alarms
1 – Assist Ambulance
1 – Assist Other Police Service
1 – Break and Enter
6 – By-Law Complaints
5 – Driving & Traffic Complaints
1 – Fraud
3 – Harassment Complaints
2 – Impaired Driving Complaints
1 – Mental Health Act
1 – Mischief
6 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
22 – Suspicious Activity
4 – Thefts
1 – Threats Complaint
84 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks

February. 17th
Suspicious Elderly Male in Victory Park
An officer was patrolling the area of Donlan around noon and was flagged down by a male who had his daughter and her girlfriend in his vehicle. The daughter and her friend came home from Victory park after about 20 minutes and advised that there was a white, elderly man approximately in his 60’s that was making them uncomfortable at the park. He was wearing a mid length blue coloured winter coat with his hood up, jeans or black pants with black running shoes. When the girls spotted the gentleman, they started to put on their gear on a park bench. The elderly male decided to sit on the same bench and stare at them. The male didn’t make any contact with the girls. The girls left the park heading toward Donlan, and the gentleman left roughly at the same time headed towards Runstedler. The officer, the father and the girls searched the area extensively, yielding negative results for the elderly male. The officer advised the girls that if they are go to the park in the future by themselves, to have a means of communication with them.

This goes for anyone. Wherever you go, especially if alone, let someone know where you are going, be safe and able to contact any emergency service at a moments notice.

February 18th
Assist Fire Department
On this day officers were dispatched to assist LaSalle Fire Service with a report of a young female in the water. A friend on scene (on land) when speaking to dispatch was unable to pinpoint exactly where they were located other than near Front Road. The female was found to be near the new docks just West of the Riverdance Building. Officers found the female in the water, conscious and holding onto the dock and surrounded by thin ice. A LaSalle Police Officer and a LaSalle Fire Fighter were able to get the female out of the water and get her into a vehicle to stabilize her temperature until EMS arrived on scene. The female was transported to hospital for further assessment.

Driving Complaint- Liquor Act
On this evening, dispatch received a call regarding occupants of a vehicle parked on the wrong side of the road, possibly drinking from an open liquor bottle in a residential area of LaSalle. Officers located the vehicle and found none of the occupants to be intoxicated. The Driver of the vehicle, although parked was still cautioned for having open alcohol in motor vehicle contrary to section 32(1) of the Liquor Licence Act.

February 19th
Well-being Check
At around noon LaSalle Police received a call from the Ontario Disability Support Program regarding a call that was received by them earlier in the day. The caller asked if LaSalle Police would be able to attend an address to check on the well-being of a person living there due to threats of personal harm. Officers attended the residence and spoke to the subject who stated that she made threats but didn’t mean anything by them and that they were more to scare others. We at LaSalle Police take threats of self harm very seriously and we will always attend your location to check on you. These threats should not be made in jest or to “scare” others.

February 20th
Suspicious Person
On the evening of February 20th around 7:30pm an officer was requested to attend Oxley Avenue with regards to a report of suspicious persons. The reporting person stated that two males attended her address twice within 2 hours claiming to be with the Diabetes Association. The officer attended the residence was told the complainants husband called the 1-800# for the Diabetes Association and the person told them that they do not send out people to canvas. The officer was then advised of a second complaint in the area. Another officer arrived in the area and the began to check the neighbourhood for the suspicious persons. A vehicle was located and stopped with four males who were wearing identification badges for Diabetes Canada. It was discovered that these males represented Global Hope for Change out of Windsor. This organization goes door to door within Windsor-Essex County to raise money for various charitable organizations. The males were able to produce proper identification with the organization. Officers also spoke with a representative with the Diabetes association who confirmed they do in fact have a partnership with Global Hope for Change. The gentleman were advised in the future to contact the local police service in the area where they will be canvassing prior to arriving assist in responding to such calls for service.

February 21st
Driving Complaint
Officers were called with regards to a driving complaint that occurred on Golfview Dr. The complainant advised he had just witnessed two females racing side by side down the road way. The complainant was able to provide plates for both vehicles. As the registered owners were local residents, officers attended the residence of one of the vehicle owners and located the other present as well. The officer spoke with both parties who advised that they weren’t racing but that as the one went to pass the other they sped up preventing them from passing as a joke. They advised there were no other vehicles on the roadway at the time. The officer advised both parties of the ongoing complaints about drivers on that street and educated them on the dangers of excessive speed and the joke they were playing. Both parties were extremely remorseful and apologetic. The two drivers were subsequently cautioned for their behaviour and the complainant was updated with the outcome.

February 22nd
Enter Premises When Entry Prohibited
On this date just before 6:00pm, an officer responded to a complaint of trespassing at a building in the 300 block of Front Road. Youths had entered the building
from and unsecured opening and were exploring inside. The youths were cautioned for trespassing and their parents were informed of the incident. The building was later properly secured. This building had previously been the scene of a fire and is unsafe to enter. Buildings such as this are unsafe for anyone to enter as the floors and ceilings are NOT structurally sound. It further puts our officers and other first responders at risk of injury if we have to enter to search a building to remove or rescue someone that has entered illegally. While it may seem interesting to explore such places please be mindful that doing so is extremely dangerous for all involved as well as illegal.

The Town of LaSalle scored a huge win with Rogers Hometown Hockey
Wow, what a weekend!!! Rogers Hometown Hockey rolled through on February 22 -23 and was held at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Centre. It was great to see the whole town pulled together to make this event something special. We saw so many smiling faces and the weather cooperated to make it perfect! We didn’t have any police related reports associated to this event and we can all take pride in that as a community. From all of us at The LaSalle Police Service to all, thank you for the wonderful weekend. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed your company.