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Family Information Liaison Units – Ontario

Family Information Liaison Units

Learn how Family Information Liaison Units can support family members of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.


If you are a family member of an Indigenous woman or girl who is missing or has been murdered, you can receive support through the Family Information Liaison Units (FILU).

FILU staff can help you by:

  • gathering information about police investigations, court proceedings, and coroner’s reports related to your loved one’s case
  • coordinating with similar units in other provinces and territories to obtain information about your loved one
  • connecting you with Indigenous Elders, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, Healers, and other trauma-informed and counseling supports

All FILU services are provided in a culturally safe and respectful manner. The FILU staff are Indigenous community members with years of experience. They understand the historical context of violence against Indigenous women and girls and can support the unique needs of families who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Support is available to you no matter how much time has passed since losing your loved one.

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Family Information Liaison Units operate independently from the federal government’s National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Families can access FILU services regardless of their participation in the federal inquiry.


Tanya Debassige
Family Information Liaison Unit
Indigenous Justice Division, Ministry of the Attorney General
Tel: 706-561-6451

Offices are located in:

  • Toronto
  • Sioux Lookout
  • Sudbury
  • Thunder Bay

If you do not live near a FILU office, you can call 1-844-888-8610 to arrange for FILU staff to travel to your area.

Family Information Liaison units pamphlet

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