On November 1, 2019, The CRA scam strikes again! On this day a male attended the Police Station to advise that he had been the victim of a phone scam. He had received a phone call earlier in the day from a caller whom he believed was from the Canada Revenue Agency. The complainant stated the that caller sounded real to him, and that they asked for him by name then asked for his SIN, his address and date of birth, all of which he provided. After the call he realized that the caller had not asked for specific information from his T4, as they had done previously, and he began to grow suspicious. He then called back the number and was guided through a menu similar to that on the real CRA phone lines. He then called the real CRA number, located on Google and was advised that they had not called him and will never call without previously sending mail to the home of the recipient. They advised the complainant to make a police report , call Equifax, TransUnion and the Canadian Anti-Fraud centre as well as his bank to make them aware. Please be advised that the conversation this male had with the fraudulent CRA employee was very similar to conversations he had previously had with a legitimate employee of the CRA, hence his ease when providing information to them.

We’ve also received a recent report where the fraudster has used a spoofing app which showed the LaSalle Police Service phone number on the incoming call, and identified themselves as a police officer. They will then advise that there is outstanding money owed on your taxes and that a warrant has been issued for your arrest and demand money. The police would never make phone calls like this. If you ever receive a call, and are even slightly suspicious remember that no real employee will be annoyed if you hang up and inform them you will call back at a later time using the number that you know to be the CRA, as found on There are many variations to this scam which also includes receiving an automated message advising you of some discrepancy with your tax return or that you may be in legal trouble, prompting you to press 1 to speak with an agent. The agent will then identify themselves and explain the nature of the legal action being taken against you. They will give you instructions on what you need to do to resolve the issue which will be making a payment to them using gift cards, bit coin, money transfer or some other method. This scam has been around for quite some time and keeps evolving however the end result is the same. The culprits are trying to make you afraid and to willingly give up your hard earned money. Simply hang up the phone and block the phone number if possible.