On November 26, 2019, A male attended the LaSalle Police Service HQ to report a possible fraud. Earlier that day he had started receiving a series of emails from a friend with whom he is a member of a sports association. He didn’t give the following requests a second thought as the “friend” asked him to go to a store and purchase $600 worth of Google Play gift cards. He was then requested to scratch off the silver bar at the back and send pictures of the cards to his “friend”, who said that he would reimburse him at a later date. The complainant did as requested and sent photo’s of the cards to the friend’s personal and association email addresses. Luckily this was not the same address that he had previously received the emails from. He later received an email response from his friend who told him that the emails were not sent from him and that this was not his e-mail address. The complainant checked the balances of all six cards, none of which had been used which is likely due to him sending the photos of the cards to a different his friends legitimate email and not the one that originally sent the request. The reporting person was advised to try to get his money back through Google Play customer service and to also Shoppers Drugs where the cards were purchased. It appears that this male was very lucky, in that he did not lose the $600, aside from that he now owns $600 worth of Google Play gift cards. Please remember to be mindful when receiving emails and double check email addresses if you are even slightly suspicious. Anyone that is honest, will not mind you questioning them.