On January 6, 2020, A resident was attempting to sell some furniture on Kijiji. They received text messages from a person who claimed that they were interested in the furniture. They agreed on a price and the method of payment would be via PayPal. A short while later the seller received an email from what appeared to be PayPal, inquiring if they were willing to accept the agreed upon price. They then received another email with an itemized list, broken down into three totals for the furniture, shipping and e-transfer fees. The seller was then requested to send $800 as insurance and $600 for delivery. They first paid the $600 then contacted PayPal to inquire about this process and was advised that they had been the victim of a scam. They were further advised that the funds could not be returned as they were obtained through a fictitious email. The seller was only out the amount of the original “shipping” costs of $600. Unfortunately this money will not be able to be recovered as the source is un-traceable. The E-mail from “PayPal” was clearly fake and the entire transaction was a scam.