On Thursday March 14th, a LaSalle Police Officer met with a LaSalle resident in reference to a fraud complaint. The reporting person was selling personal items on Kijiji and received a response to their ad by email. The buyer offered to pay an extra $50.00 if the seller could take the ad off the site and agreed to send the reporting person a certified cheque in the mail. According to the seller, once the cash was in hand, the buyer would have their movers pick up the items. The seller provided their name and address for the cheque to be mailed to them.

When the cheque arrived, it was deposited into the reporting persons account. The buyer then advised that his movers would not be able to pick up the items until the money deposited into the account was deposited into a bitcoin wallet. The buyer sent an email with the account information and a barcode to swipe. They were instructed to attend a bitcoin machine that was located in Windsor to complete the transaction. The buyer deposited the money into the bitcoin account.

The buyer received a second envelope with the same type of cheque the following day for the exact same amount. They attended the bank and informed them they deposited a similar cheque the day before. When they pulled the cheque from the previous day, it was learned that both cheques had the exact same cheque number and based on the teller’s experience advised her this was scam. The buyer claimed that the movers got into an accident and were in the hospital and needed more money, which was why a second cheque was sent.

The officer provided the seller with the occurrence number and advised to contact Equifax or Transunion.
Fraudsters and Scammers will try to get your money any way they can. EVERYONE is encouraged to read the Little Black Book of Scams 2nd Edition from the Competition Bureau of Canada.$file/Little-Black-Book-Scams-2-e.pdf