On April 19, 2019, a person attended the LaSalle Police Service to report a fraud. The complainant reported that they had solicited the assistance of an on-line computer repair company called Tech Tools for approximately two years. The reporting person had been having trouble with their e-mail and the company was able to fix the issue remotely. They used the services of this company approximately 4 times of the span of the two years. Someone claiming to be a representative from Tech Tools called and advised that they were no longer providing tech service and that they were owed a refund of $450. If they did not take care of this refund they would be charged an additional $350. The “representative” set up the transaction then claimed that $4500 was accidentally deposited to the account and directed the reporting person to go to Walmart and purchase $4050 in Walmart gift cards. Alternatively they were directed to send the money via Western Union…which they did. Fortunately Western Union recognized this as a fraud and did not send the cash through. The reporting person had to change all of the bank accounts and have their computer completely formatted. They were fortunate to have not suffered a financial loss in this scenario. Many have not been. The matter is still under investigation. A reminder that a legitimate organization will not request gift cards as payments.

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