On October 9, 2019, A citizen reported to Police that they received a notification that her hotmail password had been changed. The citizen responded by updating the password. A short time later the citizen received an email that a large purchase had been made on her account through PayPal to Dyson. The citizen contacted PayPal to dispute the purchase. While on the phone with PayPal the representative advised the citizen that another purchase had just been made. The citizen contact their bank, along with Equifax and Transunion to flag the accounts. The citizen contacted their cellular provider and was told that someone with a similar name, but male, had the citizen’s cellular number transferred over to a different carrier. PayPal will be reimbursed purchases and the cell phone number was recovered.
Please use caution when using your email as a recovery tool for accounts such as your email, PayPal, Facebook and other social media accounts. Through your carrier you can also inquire about a protection called “Port Protection” which is FREE but not standard. This protection prompts your carrier to perform extra ID verification before porting your telephone number to another carrier.