On October 18, 2019, On this day, a LaSalle resident reported that when he was on Facebook back in August, an advertisement appeared for a great deal on interesting merchandise. The reporting person clicked on the ad and it took him to another web page which contained the description and other information regarding the merchandise and the company. He thought that it was a great deal and the website seemed reputable, so he purchased merchandise using a credit card. The reporting party inputted all of his billing and credit card information and submitted it on the website. He promptly received a confirmation email stating “Hi, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent”. The victim has not yet received an email indicating that the item has been shipped. When the victim checked his email it was noted that the website was fake, as the name of the company provided on the invoice is “fcbwoeifhuew”. He then checked his credit card statement and verified that the amount had been charged to his account and then notified the credit card company that he was a victim of fraud. Officers continue to investigate. We would like to remind members of the public to be cautious regarding on-line deals that seem to good to be true. Do your research on the company. This linked website below is one of several that contains information on ways you can minimize your chances of falling victim to an on-line shopping scam.