Fraudulent Amazon Account

On December 30, 2019, an officer was dispatched to the lobby to speak to a female in regards to her providing her credit card and personal information to a fraudulent Amazon account. The resident stated that she is a regular Amazon shopper and that when she tried to log into Prime, she was redirected to a different web page and received an email within minutes from an unknown email. The email stated that her account was locked and the only way to unlock it was to follow the instructions, by clicking a link and got redirected again to a third party website. The website asked for personal information, a credit card and SIN number. After giving said information, she was redirected to another web page requesting her to send a picture of herself holding the credit card. Finding this highly suspicious, she went back to the previous page to delete all the information she provided. To her surprise, the information was gone; believing that because she didn’t send the picture, the information didn’t save. The day before she reported this information to the police, she received a phone call from her credit card company stating that someone tried to make numerous on-line purchases using the same card she entered. She cancelled that one, and other cards as her personal information is connected to them as well. She then contacted Amazon and advised of the issue to their security team. The officer provided her with a business card and occurrence number. The female’s identity has also been added to a police database as stolen.

December 31st, 2019