Help Us, Help You….If you call us, will we find you?

If you call us…will we find you?
Imagine police, firefighters and EMS trying to reach a man whose heart has stopped beating, or a fire is in progress, or a violent incident is underway; how frustrated would they be when they can’t find the house number where they are needed. When house numbers are not displayed prominently, it can mean the difference between a rescue and a tragedy. Did you know that for every minute that cardiopulmonary resuscitation is delayed in a cardiac arrest, chances of survival decrease by about 10 percent? Fires, in the right conditions, can double in size every 30 seconds to a minute. These are the situations where minutes and seconds count.

House numbers are often weathered, faded, missing, covered by vegetation or not visible at night. Now imagine trying to find the house number that’s posted on a dark sign stuck, or on a rock or a wooden post with branches or trees all around it. To further complicate the task, imagine if it’s raining. In some of our neighbourhoods, a common problem is related to visibility, especially where house numbers designed to blend in with the home, usually for esthetic appeal.

Our fervent appeal to one and all is to display good reflective house number signs that are visible from both directions, and are clearly posted near the travelled portion of the road by your house. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss it further.