History of the LaSalle Police Service

Three police officers standing in front of a buildingIn 1861, The Township of Sandwich divided into 2 distinct municipalities, the Township of Sandwich East and the Township of Sandwich West.

In 1924, a small area along the Detroit River known as LaSalle become incorporated as a Town and the LaSalle Police Force was established. In 1959 The Town of LaSalle dissolved into the Township of Sandwich West. In 1991 the status of Sandwich West Township changed and was re-named the Town of LaSalle.

The Township of Sandwich West Police Force began January 1st, 1956. Policing for the Township of Sandwich West Township prior to this was done by the Ontario Provincial Police (Sandwich West Detachment)

Original staff of the police departmentOn January 1st, 1959 after 35 years as a separate corporation, the town of LaSalle Police amalgamated with the Township of Sandwich West. The Police Service at that time consisted of one Chief of Police, and two full time Constables as well as two part time Constables.

Two officers resigned, and one full time Constable and two part time Constables became members of the Sandwich West Township Police. The Township of Sandwich West town hall (which housed the Police station) consisted of one small room for the Police and a small holding cell. The town hall was later sold and went on, to became a bank. This building still stands today, at the corner of Laurier Drive and Front Road and is presently an apartment building.

On January 1st, 1966, the Township of Sandwich West amalgamated with the City of Windsor. Half of the Township’s Police officers went to the City of Windsor. A few of the officers retired or resigned. The force at that time went from approximately 35 officers to about ten members.

The Township of Sandwich East Police, Town of Riverside Police, and Town of Ojibway Police also ceased to exist and amalgamated services with the City of Windsor Police.

Man standing is a leather jacketAugust 23rd, 1969 Constable Robert Carrick of the Township of Sandwich West Police Force was fatally shot while on duty. Constable Carrick was responding to a Domestic Assault at a residence in the Township. Constable Carrick was able to get the suspect’s wife and child to safety behind his police cruiser, before being shot fatally by the suspect. Constable Robert Ross of the Sandwich West Police as well as Constable Alfred Oakley of the Windsor Police were both shot in the ensuing gun battle. Constable Alfred Oakley received several gunshot wounds and Constable Ross also was shot several times and lost an eye in the shooting. Both officers would eventually recover from their wounds. Constable Carrick, (twenty three years old), was laid to rest three days later with full Police Honors. The suspect in these shootings (who gave himself up to other attending officers), was convicted of 1st Degree Murder and attempted murder and was sentenced to Capitol punishment. This punishment was later commuted to life imprisonment when capitol punishment was abolished. The suspect was later released within ten years of the murder on full parole.

June 1st, 1991 the Township of Sandwich West received provincial approval to receive Town Status and after several name suggestions a vote was taken and the name became the Town of LaSalle. The Sandwich West Township Police Force was disbanded and the force became known as the Town of LaSalle Police Service.

September 1st, 1991 LaSalle Police Officers and support staff moved into the Police Headquarters situated at 5950 Malden Rd. LaSalle, Ontario.  On August 1, 2013, LaSalle Police Officers and support staff moved into its’ current Police Headquarters situated at 1880 Normandy Street, LaSalle, Ontario, N9H 1P8.  In 2020, the LaSalle Police Service consisted of Twenty four Uniformed Constables, Four Patrol Sergeants, Two Criminal Investigation Detective Constables, a Criminal Investigation Detective Sergeant. One Community and Corporate Affairs Officer, and two Uniform Staff Sergeants. The Service also has one Deputy Chief, as well as a Police Chief.

The Service also provides dispatching duties for LaSalle Police, the LaSalle Fire Service and Kingsville Fire Service.

The Dispatch centre consists of nine full time and six part time Civilian Dispatchers including one civilian dispatch Supervisor, as well as three support staff members.

The Town of LaSalle consists of approximately thirty five square miles. The town is bordered on the north by the City of Windsor on the east by the Town of Tecumseh on west by the Detroit River, and on south by the Town of Amherstburg.