Hunting Complaint

On December 14, 2019, On Saturday December 14, 2019 a resident of the 2500 block called the LaSalle Police Service to report a hunting complaint. An officer attended the residence and obtained the following information: the homeowner advised he returned home at roughly 7:30am after attending Tim Horton’s. He sat down to drink his coffee and observed, what he thought was, a deer sleeping in the bush area behind his home. At 9:15am he observed a male wearing a toque and a plaid jacket walking east in the bush area, he was alone and his hands were empty. At approximately 9:30 am his wife awoke and he advised her to look at the deer when she took the dogs outside. When she approached the deer for a closer look, she realized it was not moving and believed it to be deceased. She then called for her husband to come take a look and he saw there was a large hole in the right hip area. The officer then went to observe the deer himself, when a gentleman visiting his mother nearby approached the officer to see what was going on. He then advised the officer he was an avid hunter and offered his assistance. He advised the officer the he would guess that the deer was killed by a crossbow and that the arrow had pierced the stomach due to the odour emitting from the deer. As a result the gas emitting from the deer would most likely cause the deer meat to spoil, and is probably why someone had left it there. The deer was pulled deeper into the bush for other animals to eat. The hunter also advised that based on the angle of the hole, it would suggest that the person was shooting from a high area, possibly a tree stand, which he explained is quick to set up and take down. The homeowner believes that the male he observed earlier was most likely responsible and if he sees him again he will contact police.