Hunting Complaint

On October 3, 2019, multiple complaints were made on this day to the LaSalle Police Service regarding people hunting, standing in the water in the area of Rivervilla Court. With Waterfowl season upon us, residents along the water may be receiving an unwanted alarm clock Monday through Saturdays along the river. The hours of legal hunting are a half hour before sunrise and a half hour past sunset. (A reminder the Town does not allow Sunday Hunting.) The only place the by-law allows firearms to be discharged is on Fighting Island unless people are on, or in the Detroit River. There is no depth or specific distance from the shoreline that hunters have to be while hunting waterfowl, which means that they can be standing in the water off shore. With the high water levels this year it has allowed the “in the water” rule to be a lot closer than it has in years past. Shots must be made facing away from land and in a safe direction toward the water .
With that said, hunters are still responsible for the final resting place of their steel ‘non-toxic’ shot. The waterfowl season ends January 11th, 2020. For more information visit the LaSalle Police Service Website at