Hunting/Discharging of Firearms in the Town of LaSalle

With hunting season approaching, the LaSalle Police Service would like to remind everyone that Town of LaSalle prohibits the Discharging of any Firearms within the Municipality.

Town of LaSalle By-law # 5304 states that no person shall discharge any gun or other firearm, air-gun, spring gun, cross bow, long-bow, or any class or type thereof within the limits of the Town of LaSalle. The only exemptions are Fighting Island and on the Detroit River ONLY when hunters are shooting away from land towards the water. There is no specific distance from the shoreline that an individual has to be while hunting; however in the spirit of safety, no firearm should be discharged towards the shore line. Hunters are also reminded to be extra vigilant in watching for boaters and fishermen who also enjoy our waterways.

Hunters should also be aware that there is NO SUNDAY HUNTING ANYWHERE IN THE TOWN OF LASALLE.

Hunters also have an ethical and legal obligation of utilizing their firearms in a safe manner. If the firearm is utilized in an unsafe or careless manner, charges under the Criminal Code may also be considered in addition to, or as an alternative to the Town of LaSalle By-law # 5304.

Every person who contravenes any provisions of this By-law is guilty of an offence and shall, upon conviction, be liable to a fine of up to $5,000.00.

For more information, please contact Senior Constable Terry Seguin, Community Liaison Officer at 519-969-5210 ext. 2031.