Impaired Driving Complaint Resulting in Licence Suspension

On January 1, 2020, It was 10 minutes before the New Year began when Dispatch received two 911 calls transferred from the Windsor Police Service regarding a possible impaired driver. Both calls described the vehicle heading southbound on Ojibway Parkway and continuing south on Highway 18. The vehicle in question was described a blue SUV with its back bumper missing, flat tires and that the driver’s side door appeared to have heavy damage and falling off. Officers quickly located the vehicle conducted a traffic stop. The lone female driver had an odor of alcohol on her breath. The female was placed under arrest for “Fail to Comply with Breath Screening Demand”. She later released with a promise to appear in court at a later date as well as an undertaking with conditions.

In addition to this, per law and upon her release:
– her drivers licence was automatically and immediately suspended for 90 days.
– her vehicle was towed and impounded for seven days at her expense.